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EPAF (Electronic Personnel Action Form) is the method used by hiring department HR liaisons to hire employees on temporary assignments into the live Banner application. For example, departments hiring wage, student wage, adjunct faculty, and graduate assistants will all use the EPAF process.

EPAFs are designed to promote an efficient approval signature process for centralized and decentalized Human Resources operations and support the movement towards a paperless office. The process is designed so that authorized users enter the action for approval and route the action through the necessary approval hierarchy. In addition, it is possible to track items through the approval process and to provide an audit trail of all approval/disapproval history. Users can track their items requiring approval through this online form. Approvers can easily view items that need approval and add their own comments to an action.

Authorized submitters such as HR liaisons must attend mandatory EPAF training to gain access to the system and ensure that EPAFs are entered completely and correctly.

You can schedule training online or for more information on receiving training, please contact

If you encounter problems with EPAF, contact the HR Customer Service team at (703) 993-2600 or to receive assistance or support.