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EPAF Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Current EPAF Submission Deadlines:

HR must receive your EPAF 5 business days before the pay period end date. For instance, if you have submitted an EPAF for the 7/10/12-7/24/12 pay period, HR should have it AT LEAST by 7/19/12 (7/21 and 7/22 falls on the weekend). Please note, that HR must RECEIVE it by 7/19/12. This does not account for submission date and other approvals. Your department must approve the EPAF first and, where applicable, the Provost Office, Financial Aid, the Summer Term Office, and/or OSP must approve this transaction BEFORE HR receives it. This also does not factor the possibility of your transaction being returned for correction. If your EPAF is received after 3 business days before the per period end date, it is considered late and an on-time payment cannot be guaranteed for the employee. Please do not contact HR to expedite EPAFs as our Data Management Team is tirelessly approving EPAFs and guarantee a timely approval of all EPAFs.

Email Reminders: Under Construction

We are working on e-mail reminders for submitters and approvers to ensure HR receives the EPAF 5 business days before the pay period end date.