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How to enter an EPAF

  1. Always check for a record to avoid duplication of information. Whether it be a G#, suffix #.
  2. Determine whether this is an original hire or a current hire.
  3. Enter the EPAF using one of the training manuals available.
  4. Revisit the EPAF using the transaction # to verify that the transaction you submitted has been completely approved.

New Person Search --- Follow these instructions to avoid duplicate G#s.

Establish an Affiliate Record

Establish a Contractor Record

Hiring Current Manual:

Hiring a Current Employee

Original Hire Manuals:

Semi-monthly employees:


Graduate Assistants

Personnel Date Field Guidelines (update to 5/31 Instant HR Announcement)

Hours per Day/Hours per Pay

Bi-weekly employees:

Non-Student Wage

Non-Student Wage with Termination Date

Student Wage--Is a degree student working part-time

Student Wage with Termination Date

Work Study

Work Study with Termination Date

Weekly Employees:


Miscellaneous Pay:

Miscellaneous Pay


Termination (terminating job with no end date in Banner)

Early Termination (terminating jobs early, must have an end date already in Banner)

Cancelling an EPAF (must complete a hard copy EPAF form and submit to HR)