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Reward and Recognition


Rewards and Recognition

A Congratulatory Message from Dr. Cabrera to University Service Award Recipients

Dr. Cabrera from on Vimeo.

"Recognition is one of the key characteristics of a great organization. Recognition, often thought of as the softer side of business, is now proved to be a core attribute of great managers and companies. It is a simple truth: we work harder at places where we feel recognized and valued for our unique contributions. And valued and engaged employees bring great value and profit to their organizations." -Chester Elton

There are a number of creative ways to show appreciation.

Gift cards, certificates, and non-monetary awards are excellent ways to recognize your outstanding employees. Over 2000 of these awards have been given to Mason employees over the past 12 months.

To request an award for your employee, simply send an e-mail to with his or her name, G#, and a brief description of his or her achievement. For gift card requests, please make sure the employee's direct supervisor approves of the award.


2010 Recognition Ceremony