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Outstanding Achievement Awards


Outstanding Achievement Awards

The Outstanding Achievement Awards celebrate the hard work, dedication and achievements of Mason’s faculty and staff across several awards categories and support Mason’s values and mission. The awards ceremonies are held once a year in the fall. In addition to the HR & Payroll awards, there are awards presented at the Outstanding Achievement Awards Ceremony sponsored by other departments; Distance Education, Environmental Health and Safety Office, Staff Senate and Sustainability.

2016 Outstanding Award RecipientsNEW! 2015 Outstanding Award Recipients

The 2016 Outstanding Achievement Awards ceremony will be held on November 3, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. in Dewberry Hall.

Nominations for the HR & Payroll Awards are due by October 3rd, 2016.

HR & Payroll Awards

Adjunct Faculty Service Award

Adjunct faculty members play a crucial role at Mason. They bring expertise, experience, energy, and enthusiasm that enhance the Mason experience for faculty, staff, and students. The Adjunct Faculty Service Award recognizes a member of the adjunct faculty who displays exceptional commitment and service to the University, its Mission and Students. This award is open to two to three adjunct faculty members and each recipient will receive $200.

Criteria for this award:

Nomination Form:

Civility Star Award

Mason’s values and mission uphold the highest standards of integrity, civility, and respect for self, our students, our colleagues, and the community at-large. Mason’s faculty and staff should uphold these core values to form a collaborative community for the betterment of all. This award recognizes an individual who is a role mode of integrity, civility, respect, and positive behavior.

Criteria for this award:

Nomination Form:

David W. Rossell Quill Award

This award recognizes individuals whose efforts exemplify the leadership and dedication of David W. Rossell, who retired from George Mason University in 2007 with over 20 years of loyal service. His devotion to the Mason community focused on leadership, teaching and fulfilling Mason’s mission. The winner will receive $500.

Criteria for this award:

Nomination Form:

Exceptional Support Award

Employees who provide excellent support are the backbone of Mason; they provide the strength for their department and the University to grow and prosper. They are often the “go-to” person in their department providing excellent customer service and ensuring that the functions and operations of their department run smoothly. Up to 15 Exceptional Support awards can be awarded and each winner will receive $250.

Criteria for this award:

Nomination Form:

Margaret C. Howell Award

This award recognizes individuals whose efforts carry on the work and demonstrate the character of the late Margaret C. Howell, who retired from George Mason University in 2002 after 20 years of outstanding, committed service. Her work focused on the development of respect, diversity and individual dignity throughout the University and the community. The winner will receive a framed certificate and $500.

Criteria for this award:

Nomination Form:

Martha J. Reiner Quality Customer Service Award

The award is named after Martha J. Reiner, who retired in 2005 after 17 years of quality customer service to the Mason community. She was the recognized goodwill ambassador and "go to" person for her department, who along with her commitment to outstanding customer service skills, worked to recognize others through the development of programs like the Employee of the Month. The winner will receive $500, and the winner's name will be inscribed on a special plaque which will remain in their department for one year.

Criteria for this award:

Nomination Form:

Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award was designed to recognize individuals for their significant achievements for the betterment of the University and whose actions exemplify Mason’s values. Each winner will receive $500.

Criteria for this award:

Nomination Form:


Mason's vision embraces an environment in which all employees are thriving together in a rewarding and enriching work environment. Supervisors play a key role in supporting this vision by advancing the well-being of their employees. The Supporting Well-Being & Embracing Living Life Award (SWELL) recognizes an outstanding supervisor who closely lives, promotes and supports the merits of a happy, healthy life at Mason, home and in the community. The winner will receive up to 2 days of recognition leave, a one-year pass to a Mason recreation center and a well-being basket filled with items to allow them to continue being SWELL.


Nomination Form:

Mason Faculty/Staff Alumni Award

Alumni of George Mason University currently working for Mason are a special group of employees who are proud to call themselves Patriots. Their hard work and contributions to the university community are a reflection of their unique perspectives as former students and current employees. This award pays tribute to this special population of employees.

There will be one faculty award recipient and one staff award recipient. Each recipient will receive $250.


Nomination Form:

Team Excellence Award

This award is currently under construction. We are looking into new ways to reward and recognize teamwork at Mason. If you have ideas or feedback on team awards, please share them with

Departmental Awards

The Digital Learning Award

Sponsored by The Office of Digital Learning (formerly Distance Education) at Mason

The Digital Learning (formerly Distance Education) Award is part of the annual Human Resources Outstanding Achievement Awards ceremony. Funded by the Office of Digital Learning, this award is given to both a faculty and a staff member whose efforts support quality online course offerings. Winners will receive a $500 stipend and a certificate presented by the President at the annual HR awards ceremony.

The deadline for nominations is Monday, October 17, 2016.

Award Criteria

This award is open to all Mason faculty members and support employees with at least one year of continuous service in digital learning at the university.

Nominations will be reviewed by a Selection Committee. Please send completed nominations to For more information on this award or any questions, please contact Sandra Price.

Nomination Form:

Safety Recognition Award

Sponsored by the Environmental Health and Safety Office

Nominations will be accepted annually prior to the Outstanding Achievement Awards Ceremony and the monetary award will be divided between multiple awardees. Please contact for an exact deadline.

This award is given to a person or group of employees (department, facilities shop, laboratory, etc.) to recognize those who have made a significant contribution to improving health and safety on campus. Any employee or group of employees may be nominated by a colleague, supervisor, customer or student. The management staff within the Environmental Health and Safety Office will serve as the awarding committee.

Please send completed nominations"> For more information on this award, please visit Safety Recognition Award

Outstanding Supervisor Award

Sponsored by the Staff Senate

The nominations for this award will be accepted in the month of August 2015

The Outstanding Supervisor Award, sponsored by the Mason Staff Senate, recognizes supervisors who most closely meet the criteria in each category. The winner is selected based on her or his ability to:

Please visit Outstanding Supervisor Award to download a nomination form and learn more about the nomination process.

Sustainability Hero Award

Sponsored by the Office of Sustainability

About the Award

The Sustainability Hero Award acknowledges the contributions of individuals and teams who have gone the extra mile to seek creative solutions that have promoted healthy, sustainable living or reduced Mason’s environmental impacts. These are people who understand the significance of promoting a sustainable way of life for not only our staff and faculty, but our students as well, who are the next generation of stewards.

Who is Eligible?

Any faculty or staff member (or teams) whose primary job is not sustainability is eligible for this award. A previous winner is not eligible to receive an award of this type if they have received one in the past three years. The Sustainability Hero Award is issued once per year, during the Human Resources Outstanding Achievement Awards, usually occurring in September or October of every year.

How is the Winner Selected?

The Sustainability Hero award is selected based on the number of faculty, staff or student recommendations received for that person or team and on the level of impact that their actions had on university sustainability (either cultural, operational, or both). If multiple individuals or teams are nominated, the Office of Sustainability staff reserves the right to make the final decision. The winner receives $200 in cash and a certificate of appreciation from the President during the award ceremony.

How to Apply or to Recommend Someone for the Award

Send an email to or a team member of the Office of Sustainability with detailed information about the person you would like to see receive the award. It helps to have more than one person recommending someone for this award.

Nancy Murphy Mason Spirit Award

Sponsored by University Life

This award recognizes individuals who exemplify the distinguishing attributes and values of the late Nancy Murphy, who retired from George Mason University in 2012 after 22 years of dedicated and spirited service to the University community. The winner will receive a Mason Bookstore $50 gift card and $250 monetary award.

Criteria for this award:

Nominee is a faculty or staff member who has at least three continuous years of service at Mason

The nominee's efforts have had a positive influence on an individual(s), office(s) and/or the Mason community

Nominee demonstrates:

All nominations should be submitted to Alissa Karton at Please contact Alissa at 703-993-1438 with any questions.

Nomination Form:

Jade Barricelli Spirit of Advising Excellence Award

Sponsored by the Mason Academic Advisor Network (MAAN)

Nominations will be accepted annually prior to the Outstanding Achievement Awards Ceremony. The deadline for this award is October 1 each year.

About the Award

Named for former Mason advisor Jade Barricelli, this peer nominated award created by the Mason Academic Advisor Network (MAAN) instills in other advisors the need to continually assess how our work will elevate and improve the advising community at George Mason University, and how we can ultimately improve the academic experience of George Mason University students.

Award Criteria

The academic advisor selected as the recipient of this award will have demonstrated their commitment to both the student experience as well as their commitment to their fellow colleagues within the academic advising community, in the following ways:


Any Mason employee with responsibility for advising undergraduate and/or graduate students (includes Graduate Assistants). Previous winners are not eligible for 5 years after receipt of the award.


Additional information about this award and the nomination form may be found on the Center for Academic Advising, Retention, and Transitions (CAART) website. Questions may be directed to