Human Resources and Payroll

Reward and Recognition


Presidential Citation

The Presidential Citation, administered by the Human Resources Department, is a non-competitive award intended to recognize the individuals who perform an exceptional deed that may or may not be related to their normal duties. The recipient(s) of the award must have rendered a service or performed a deed at either personal or potential sacrifice that was motivated by good citizenship or a sense of public responsibility. Examples include: rendering immediate first aid to an injured or seriously ill person; taking action to preclude the substantial loss of money or prestige to the University; or accomplishing a key task as the result of significant personal sacrifice.

The nominator, supervisor, and head of the unit in which the nominee works must sign the nomination form. The nomination must include a one page description of the action for which the employee is being nominated. Nominations will be forwarded to senior members of the President's staff for review.

The winner(s) will receive a special plaque presented by the President at one of the semi-annual awards ceremonie s.

Immediate Recognition

This award is given as immediate recognition for performance, completion of a project or event that resulted in impact or benefits to the department and/or Mason. The award and the amount must be approved by the appropriate Executive Council member who is the vice president or Provost who oversees the department of the nominated employee. It is open to administrative faculty, classified and wage employees.

Recognition Leave

Classified employees and administrative/professional faculty may be awarded up to five days (40 hours) of recognition leave per calendar year for immediate recognition of outstanding performance. The recognition leave expires in one year and may be paid out prior to expiration or at termination. The recognition leave is also pro-rated accordingly for part-time employees. The recognition leave request form must be signed by the supervisor as well as the appropriate Executive Council member who is the vice president or Provost who oversees the nominee's department. Completed, signed request forms and attached documentation can be turned into the Reward & Recognition office for processing.