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Qualifying Mid-Year Events

• Having a baby?
• Got a new spouse ... or a new ex-spouse?
• Child got a job with benefits?

Answers to these Qualifying Mid-Year Events questions, and many others allow you to make changes to your health insurance plan and flexible reimbursement accounts -- if you report them to Human Resources within 60 days of their occurrence.

The full list of approved Qualifying Mid-Year Events is available at the Department of Human Resource Management web site.

What to do when you experience a Qualifying Mid-Year Event?

And remember...

When you drop an ineligible spouse or child, the university must be provided with the name and new address so that the individual can receive information about COBRA health insurance coverage.

NOTE -- Your change in health insurance coverage will become effective the first of the month following receipt of your enrollment form.


What happens if you don't report the Qualifying Mid-Year Event within 60 days?

NOTE: visit the DHRM Health Information page if you are looking for information about health benefits in retirement or while on VSDP