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Long Term Disability Insurance (for VSDP employees)

What is it?

Long-term disability insurance protects your income and your standard of living should you be disabled for an extended period due to either an accident or sickness. Long-term disability benefits begin at the expiration of the maximum period of short-term disability.

Who is eligible?

Faculty and staff who are currently enrolled in the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP).

What is it at Mason?

Long term disability is included in VSDP. You may be eligible for long-term disability benefits if your medical condition is expected to extend beyond the 125 workdays of short-term disability. Benefits cover those in a return-to-work program who can work 20 or more hours a week but cannot perform their full duties at their regular schedules and those who are unable to work at all or only up to 20 hours a week. Long-term disability provides an income replacement of 60 percent of your annual compensation, including any salary increases applied during your short-term disability. Payments are adjusted if you receive payments or income from other sources or other disability programs.

If your disability becomes catastrophic, your income replacement level will be at 80 percent for the duration of the catastrophic condition. To qualify, you must be unable to perform at least two out of six Activities of Daily Living: bathing, dressing, eating, maintaining continence, toileting and getting in and out of bed and chairs.

For more information, please see the VSDP Participant Handbook.