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Employee Benefits While On Leave Without Pay

The information provided here is intended to be a quick reference regarding the policies and procedures for maintaining benefits coverage as well as the length of time coverage may continue during leave without pay.

An initial letter will be sent to employees detailing any premiums required to maintain pre-leave benefits. It is important to note that failure to remit timely payment will result in the loss of coverage. After the initial letter, employees will not be sent further notice of premiums due. Premium payments are due in the Benefits Office before the month of coverage or coverage will be cancelled. Checks should be made payable to George Mason University and sent to the Benefits Office at 4400 University Drive, Mailstop 3C3. Employees may elect to pay for their entire leave in a single payment.

Employees who work at least half the working days of the month during any month of their leave will not need to pay by check for that month until they return. Additional deductions for health care premiums may be taken from paychecks upon return if arrangements are made with Benefits.

Employees who want to waive coverage or reduce their membership while on leave without pay must contact a Benefits Administrator for instructions as this must be done within 31 days of going on leave without pay. Employees with double state coverage will be billed family coverage rates if their leave type requires that the employee pay the entire premium. Within 31 days of their return from leave without pay, employees may re-enroll in pre-leave coverage by completing appropriate enrollment forms.

Classified Staff Benefits while on LWOP

Faculty Benefits while on LWOP