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GMU Child Development Center

A NAEYC Accredited Early Learning Environment

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The George Mason University Child Development Center was established to support university faculty, staff, and students by providing an excellent on-site child care and play based preschool program. Our preschool program currently serves families with children 2-5 years of age.




Our teachers incorporate the latest research and best practices as they respond to the needs of each individuallearner. Teachers encourage the children’s explorations in a nurturing atmosphere with a variety of invitations, inspiring the children to discover how things work; to learn about living things and their community; and to enjoy music, art, and dramatic play activities.


The atmosphere in the Mason Child Development Center is one in which children feel physically and emotionallysafe, joyful, and confident. In such a supportive setting they are able to scaffold learningfor cognitive, social, spiritual, and emotional growth. Children are very observant, and they understand respectful interactions more authentically when they see them modeled by people around them. Children aredynamic learners; at the Mason Child Development Center we believe in actively listening and responding to their interests.  Additional supports for learning – including the social environment, cultural objects, and other people – are valuable means for cognitive, social, and emotional development. Our staff is committed to helping children develop confidence in their individual strengths and natural curiosity, enabling them to explore the world with delight and enthusiasm. Supporting children’s explorations helps them expand their skills and develop a strong, joyful self-image.




“Our son is already heading to kindergarten but we have had the most amazing experience at the CDC. He has grown significantly thanks to the loving nature of the teachers, the play based approach, and the support we have received in aiding in his education and development. His experience prepared him for next year."

-Parent of a Preschooler

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