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Employee Relations

Our mission is to provide confidential assistance to university employees and their supervisors to help identify and resolve work related problems or proactively avoid potential problems!





The employee relations team partners closely with other offices on campus to ensure that all faculty and staff situations are addressed appropriately, including the Office of Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics, the Office of the Provost, and the Office of University Counsel.

The question of confidentiality often comes up when a faculty or staff member visits Employee Relations. This is a reasonable concern. Confidentiality in Employee Relations goes both ways. We honor confidentiality and the person visiting has the same duty. Before other departments are contacted as a result of an Employee Relations issue, the action is mutually agreed upon by the faculty or staff member and Employee Relations.

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Assistant Vice President of Human Resources and Director, Employee Relations Pat Donini
Employee Relations Consultant Regina Ryder
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Employee Relations Assistant Autumn Brown