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Frequently Asked Questions - Compensatory Leave

Certain classifications of classified employees are eligible to earn overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) when hours worked in a week exceed 40 and other classifications are eligible to earn compensatory time. Compensatory leave is granted hour-for-hour to those eligible. It must be authorized by a supervisor, preferably before the extra hours are worked.


The accrual of compensatory leave by employees who are exempt from the overtime provisions of the FLSA is at the University's discretion. This type of leave is not mandated by federal or state regulations. In general, when exempt employees decide to work additional hours without the request or approval of their supervisor, the work time does not accrue as compensatory leave.

Compensatory leave is also earned by any classified employee who is required to work during a regularly scheduled holiday. This leave is granted hour-for-hour for work done on the holiday regardless of the FLSA status of the classified employee.

Earned compensatory leave is tracked in a category much like annual and sick leave. Compensatory leave may be used for any reason at any time the employee is authorized to take leave from the University.


Please note: Only classified staff are eligible for compensatory leave.  A maximum of 96 hours may be accrued and compensatory leave expires 12 months from the pay period in which it was earned.