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Frequently Asked Questions - Death of a Family Member

As the employee, you or someone on your behalf, should notify your supervisor or department of your loss. Then, within the next few days you should renotify your supervisor to discuss the amount of leave you may need to take as well as any outstanding issues on your job that need immediate attention.

What type of leave can be used for bereavement?
The Commonwealth of Virginia does not assign special leave days for bereavement.

How does the Commonwealth define immediate family?
Immediate family is defined as:

The definition of immediate family does not include grandparents, grandchildren or in-laws of the employee unless the relative lives in the employee's household.

Deceased family member is spouse, beneficiary or dependent of GMU employee
If your deceased loved one was your spouse, beneficiary or dependent, you may want to tend to the following business issues upon your return to work:

Mason also offers resources to help you and your loved ones manage your grief during this difficult time.  Please visit supportive resources for more information.