MasonOnboard FAQ for Hiring Managers

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1. What is MasonOnBoard?

2. How do I get training for MasonOnBoard?

3. I already have access. Where do I go to create a hire packet?

4. Who will have access to the MasonOnBoard hiring tool?

5. How are new EPAF submitters or approvers given access to MasonOnBoard?

6. What are the guidelines for creating my pin?

7. How do I reset my pin?

8. Can the new hire reset their password?

9. Can I cancel a packet once it is initiated?

10. Will I be able to personalize the Welcome Letter?

11. How can I look up a new hire in MasonOnBoard?

12. How can I track the new hire’s progress through the hiring packet?

13. Can I view the paperwork completed by the new hire?

14. The new employee has reported to their first day, but has not completed their hiring packet. What should we do?

15. How much time should we allow the new hire to complete their packet?

16. What about same day hires?

17. What if the new hire needs assistance in completing the packet?

18. I entered some of the new hire’s information incorrectly. What should I do?

19. Do we still need to keep paper files in the department?

20. What if I have other documents that are not part of the hiring packet that need to be included in the new hire’s file?

21. When should the rehire packet be used?

22. Who do I contact with any additional questions?

Mandatory Background Check Policy

1. Do all employees need to complete a background check?

2. How is the background check conducted?

3. How long does it take for the background check to be completed?

4. Who gets the results of the background check?