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Learning & Professional Development FAQs

What types of learning and professional development opportunities are offered through HR & Payroll?

Is there other professional development available at the university? Where do I sign up for that?

How are topics chosen for the life planning sessions? Do you take suggestions?

How often are workshops held on the Arlington and Prince William campuses?

I'm a new supervisor at Mason. Are there any special professional development opportunities available?

How do I schedule professional development for my department?

Where do I look to find out the time/date/location of a workshop?

Can I keep track of the sessions I attend?

How do I drop a class?

I just checked my status on myMason HR for some past workshops. What does Pending, Attended, Dropped, and/or No Show mean?

I didn't sign up for the workshop in advance. Can I just show up?

What happens in the event of inclement weather or emergency closing?

What if I need an accommodation in order to fully participate in the workshop?

How should I prepare for a class involving physical activity?

Where do I sign up for sexual harassment training?