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"I have transitioned to a new job here at Mason. The HR Liaison Certificate program is what sparked my interest in this new job direction and helped with my qualifications for this new position. I have many new things to learn but feel so familiar with many of the functions due to the classes and the entire HR Liaison Certificate program. So in a nutshell, the certificate program has helped me grow professionally for sure. And the best part of the program was the people and networking opportunities I have had in the process!”

-Lisa Bair, HR and Administrative Specialist, Environmental Science & Policy

HR Liaisons Certificate Program

The HR Liaisons Certificate Program (HRLCP) is for HR Liaisons on all campuses who want to ensure they have the working knowledge of HR policies and procedures required to support their departments or units. Participants will meet and network with other HR Liaisons and subject matter experts on the HR & Payroll team, and, through instructor-led workshops and Quick Tips webinars, will learn the latest and most relevant HR & Payroll information.

Participants will select workshops based on their roles on topics such as (but not limited to):

Program Requirements

To learn more about the program, the requirements, and to sign up, please register for an orientation meeting.

Work Products

Work products should provide evidence of proficiency in a system or procedure. These should be things you are already doing in your role as HR Liaison, not make-work projects. Ideally you will learn something in a class or a conversation with an HR/Payroll employee and then apply it at work.


If you are not sure if something would qualify as a work product, please reach out to Robyn at

Documents and Resources

The contract, class listing, and other resources for the HRLCP are located in the HRLCP Organization in the myMason portal. Those who attend the orientation session are given access to the organization. Please contact Robyn Madar at 3-4180 or with questions or for more information.