Here's a short life planning checklist to help you wind up 2017 and plan for 2018.


More Information



    Life changes this year – marriage,

    child, divorce, etc.? Ensure your

    beneficiary wishes are current.

Retirement Accounts


    Retirement is a long term financial

    goal for us all.  All Mason employees

    can participate in a 403(b) and a 457

    (a) supplemental retirement account.


IRS Limits for for 2018 are available at under "Happening Now".


Personal Info


   Please check your personal

   information on file with Mason to make

   sure it's current, including permanent

   address, cell number, emergency

   contact, veteran status, race, ethnicity,

   federal and state tax filing status, etc.

Medical Procedures


    Before undergoing complex medical

    procedures or surgery, check with

    your health insurance provider to

    ensure the service will be covered.

Employee Assistance Program


    Do you need counseling or legal or

    financial services? With insurance,

    you have access to these through

    Employee Assistance Program




Please note: The Employee Relations team also has resources available for non-benefited employees.  For questions about the Employee Assistance Program or other resources, please contact your Employee Relations team at 3.3878.

Virginia Sickness and Disability Program


    Are you in the Virginia Sickness and

    Disability Program (VSDP) (i.e., most

    classified staff or faculty who chose

    VRS for retirement)?  Here is a

    resource that may help you better

    understand your  coverage.


Email with questions. We'd love to help you out!

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