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This web page houses information on the new onboarding process such as FAQs, job aids, etc. Please check back from time to time as we will be adding content as we move forward.

  • Phase 1 of the project – as of April 2016 non-benefited employees
  • Phase 2 of the project – benefited employees TBD…more to come

Accessing MasonOnBoard – Mason’s New Onboarding system

The new OnBoarding system went live May 2016 with over 350 users across Mason utilizing it to hire non-benefited employees. Are you responsible for hiring for your department or unit? Then you probably need access. Training sessions are offered every other month based on demand. To attend an upcoming training session, please send an email to

I already have access. Where do I go to create a hire packet? To access the Onboarding system, please type in your browser’s url line. We recommend using either Chrome or Internet Explorer 11.


Wage Welcome Letter (pdf)

Wage Welcome Letter (Word)

International Hire Checklists

Graduate Assistants; Student Wage Employees

Instructional and Research Faculty; Classified Staff; Admin and Professional Faculty

Adjunct Faculty; Wage Employees

Job Aids

MasonOnBoard Overview


Hiring Managers

Patricia Coray and Helga Yunder at MasonOnBoard Training

Patricia Coray and Helga Yunker at a recent MasonOnBoard training session.

MasonOnBoard Pin

Mason’s onboarding program is meeting the digital age with MasonOnBoard, Human Resources & Payroll’s new electronic onboarding program.  Beginning early in May, departments will be transitioning to onboarding new, non-benefited hires through MasonOnBoard.

No more new hire paperwork - everything from initiating a background check and completing section 1 of the I-9 form, to signing up for direct deposit, tax forms, and more will all be done on line. 

Project planners, Patricia Coray, Helga Yunker, Michelle Lim, and Megan Kirk, all from Human Resources and Payroll, anticipate a number of efficiencies including time savings for the hiring department and the new hire, greater data integrity and compliance, a comprehensive data repository, and the standardization of the hiring process.  “We’re excited to unveil this new opportunity,” shared Michelle Lim, Faculty Initiatives Manager.  “In addition to the new electronic system, we’ve also updated some of the new hire documents to permit departments some flexibility to share information unique to their units.”

 “The hiring department can initiate a new hire in MasonOnBoard with just four pieces of information,” observed Helga Yunker, Office Manager and Customer Service Center Supervisor.  “A new hire’s name, telephone number, email address, and start date.”

The project planning team estimates that it will take new hires between 15 and 30 minutes to complete the process online. “In the initial roll out,” says Patricia Coray, Senior Manager of HRIS, “only non-benefited employees can use MasonOnBoard.  Plans are in the works however to include all new hires in the future.”

The Mason community may not know it, but over 400 people welcome our new hires throughout the university.  They are currently undergoing training on the new system.  “MasonOnBoard will keep track of each new hire’s progress in completing their documentation,” remarked Coray.  “It will also keep the hiring manager apprised of that progress and alert them if a new hire hasn’t completed the needed information by their start date.”

The Human Resources & Payroll website has been updated to include an entry point for hiring managers to MasonOnBoard.  The new electronic onboarding will run side-by-side with the old paper process until July 1, 2016.  “We wanted to introduce the new process over time and gradually ease out on the use of paper,” says Yunker. 

The Human Resources & Payroll Project Team is convinced that once hiring managers have a chance to use MasonOnBoard, they will be happy to leave the old paperwork process behind.

If you have any questions about MasonOnBoard, please contact the Project Team via Helga at