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With the implementation of Banner 8.8 in May, 2013, YTD capabilities have been added to the electronic paystub. A number of changes are visible in Employee Self-Service that will impact employees. In order to assist in clarifying these changes, the following FAQs have been put together. Please contact Mason HR/Payroll at 703-993-2600 if you have further questions.

Paystub Frequently Asked Questions

What's new on the Banner 8.8 paystub?

The new paystub displays the Mason logo and business address on it in the upper right hand corner. There are also new year-to-date (YTD) fields added in the Payment Summary, Earnings and Benefits, Deductions and Taxes sections. In addition, a column labeled "Shift" has been added to the Earnings section.

Why doesn't the Mason logo/address print on the upper right corner when the Printer Friendly button is used?

There is a known problem in Banner that has the logo/address printing in a different position than is shown on the screen.

Can I see YTD amounts on old paystubs?

Yes - YTD amounts are shown on paystubs created before the new release of Banner was put into production (5/5/13).

Do the YTD amounts on the last paystub of the year tie to my W-2?

Maybe - YTD amounts on the last paystub produced in a calendar year for Federal Income Tax, FICA- Medicare, FICA-Social Security and state tax should all correspond to the appropriate boxes on the W-2.

Gross Earnings Amount may not match what is in box 1 of your W-2. Box 1 on the W-2 includes all federal taxable income for wages received during the calendar year. Pre-tax deductions, such as health insurance, parking, flexible spending account deductions, and the administrative fee for the flexible spending account, in Box 10 and Box 14, have been deducted from your gross wages to determine your federal taxable wages. Tax shelter annuity contributions (Box 12E and 12G) have also been deducted from the gross wages. The amount reported in this box will differ from your gross wages because of these pre-tax deductions.

I have multiple positions. Does the YTD reflect this?

Yes - YTD amounts should reflect totals across all positions and all pay checks.

My bank requires a YTD paystub for loan application/approval. Will the new PatriotWeb ESS paystub be sufficient?

Yes - The YTD paystub on PatriotWeb should be acceptable to most banks, credit unions etc. If they need more information or clarification, they can still contact HR/Payroll.

There used to be a line on the paystub labeled "Total Employer Contributions". Where did it go?

This amount is still shown in the Benefits, Deductions and Taxes section of the paystub. It was determined that it did not add significant value as part of the Payment Summary.

Why are there duplicate lines in the Earnings section of the paystub?

Line entries in this section of the paystub are date driven. In other words, if an end date is associated with an item (vacation, regular earnings, etc.) a new line is created. This occurs when there is a job change, end of the fiscal year etc. HR/Payroll understands that this is somewhat confusing and messy. The Banner vendor is working on an enhancement to suppress the extra lines.

Some of the duplicate have $0.00 associated with them. Why?

Good question. These lines are created during behind-the-scenes processing of leave tracking. It would be nice if they didn't show up, but they do.

Benefits, Deductions and Taxes area has Employee YTD and Employer YTD columns added. Why do the Employee and Employer columns sometimes have blank values in them for certain deductions? Other times they have $0.00.

This phenomenon is tied to when monthly deductions are withheld from the pay check. If the paystub is for the payrun where the deduction would be calculated, the values may be $0.00. If it is not the payrun for that deduction - the value may be blank!