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*Electronic Time sheets are the Way to Go... Paper Time sheets Make Things Too Slow!*

Time sheets can be a complicated topic. As you know, time sheets are electronically submitted via However, we also have a paper form available on our website under Forms and there seems to be some confusion over when the paper time sheet may be used. Paper time sheets are only supposed to be used to *amend a time sheet that has already been submitted via Patriotweb*. Many people are using paper time sheets if an employee or time sheet approver misses a deadline. As a result, we are receiving a large number of paper time sheets. Hundreds and hundreds of them.

It is possible for a time sheet approver to correct a submitted time sheet in Patriotweb before approving it and to submit a time sheet for an employee who has missed the deadline. For details on the process, please see the Approvers Quick Reference Guide

Calendar of Submission & Approval Dates


How to Create a Proxy for Timesheet Approval