Human Resources and Payroll




1. Application

Eligible employees will make written application for a staff study leave between September 1st and October 31st preceding the calendar year in which the leave is to be taken.

The application will be submitted to the relevant vice president/provost through supervisory channels. The application includes:

  1. General Purposes of the Staff Study Leave
  2. Specific Plan of Activity and Deliverable: The Specific Plan of Activity outlines how the purpose of the staff study leave is to be accomplished. The Deliverable is the final outcome of the study leave, which may take the form of a report, proposal, or other format.
  3. Proposed Dates of Leave: A statement outlining the proposed dates of the leave and the potential flexibility of the start/end dates.
  4. Staff Study Leave of Absence Repayment Agreement: This agreement acknowledges the employee's commitment to return to University service for at least one year following the end of the study leave.

2. Selection

  1. Supervisors and directors of activities must agree that the employee's responsibilities can be accomplished during his/her absence and that departmental resources are available to cover any additional temporary operating costs associated with maintaining the existing level of departmental service during the absence of the employee.
  2. The supervisor and dean/director will determine whether fiscal and operational support is available and forward the request for staff study leave to the appropriate vice president/provost.
  3. The Vice President or Provost will review all requests and determine which are to be approved. Applications for staff study leave will be selected for the program based on the quality of the proposal and its benefit to the University.

3. Approval

Notification of the decision will be made in writing to the applicant and his/her supervisor no later than December 15th.