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Human Resources & Payroll Staff


Linda Harber 3-2602
Vice President for Human Resources, Payroll, and Faculty/Staff Life

Hollis Colie 3-4181
Executive Assistant

Helga Yunker 3-4057
Office Manager/Customer Service Center Supervisor

Benefits, Wellness, and Work/Life

• Health Benefits
• Life Insurance
• Tax Shelters
• Retirement
• Leaves of Absence
• Occupational Health
• Workers' Compensation
• Reward & Recognition
• Flexible Work
• Work/Life Discounts

Kerry Ross 3-8974
Director of Benefits and Well-Being

Courtney Ashmore 3-7756
Benefit & Workers' Compensation Specialist

Beth Baroody 3-2739
Reward & Recognition Coordinator

Wendi Carroll 3-1113
Life/Work Connections Specialist

Meaghan DeCelle 3-2633
Benefits Specialist

Kathy Haldeman 3-2040
Retirement Research Coordinator

Veronique Klimonda 3-2603
Benefits Administrator

Bobbie Merritt 3-4130
Benefits Administrator

Nati Sullivan 3-3657
Benefits Administrator

Janet Walker 3-2604
Life/Work Connections Manager

Patrice Winter 3-1802
Life Planning and Eldercare Services (part-time)

Customer Service

Questions about:
     • Timesheets
     • Paychecks
     • Orientation
     • Forms
     • e-Work
     • I-9 Compliance
     • Other HR/Payroll Actions

Helga Yunker 3-4057
Office Manager/Customer Service Center Supervisor

Robin Lee 3-8022
Faculty/Staff Customer Service Associate

Jacquie Lowe 3-2607
Lead NEW Center Coordinator/Customer Service Associate

Noreen Sahakian 3-9729
HR Assistant

Laura Titkemeyer 3-5358
Faculty/Staff Customer Service Associate

Workforce Planning

• Compensation Initiatives

Sharon Thomas 3-2662
Workforce Planning Manager

Jennifer Irvin 3-2616
Classified Workforce Planning Consultant

Employee Relations

Patricia Donini 3-3878
Employee Relations Director and Deputy Human Resources Director

Jessica Cain 3-3878
Employee Relations Specialist

Shernita Rochelle Parker 3-3878
Employee Relations Consultant

Kim Young 3-3991
Employee Relations Assistant

Talent Acquisition Management

Neil Paz-Cruzat 3-2609
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Yvonne Amegashie 3-4087
Talent Acquisition Assistant

HR Services

     HR Consultants
          • Employee Relations
          • Employment Policies
          • Policy & Procedure
          • Class & Comp
          • Employment/Recruitment

Michelle Lim 3-3665
HR Faculty Initiatives Manager

Anthony Cole 3-4228
HR Data Analyst

Debbie Gupta 3-2574
HR Assistant

Megan Kirk 3-3551
HR Consultant

Lauren Lambert 3-3878
HR Consultant

Melissa Schroeder 3-5298
HR Assistant

HR Information Services

Patricia Coray 3-4460
Senior HRIS Manager

John Creuziger 3-9457

Anne Meyer 3-9912
HRIS Assistant


• Payroll Processing

• Timesheets

• Leave Balances

• Questions about:




            Rate of Pay

• Employment Verification

Sue Tinsman 3-2626
Director, Payroll & HRIS

Abdulai Conteh 3-2608
Payroll Accountant

Mira Halilovic 3-2625
Supervisor, Data Support and Reconciliation

Haydee Holbrook 3-4401
Payroll Assistant

Drew Southers 3-2629
Payroll Specialist

Catalina Wheat 3-2751
Senior Payroll Specialist

Andrew Ruxer 3-9687
Payroll Supervisor

Learning and Professional Development

Lori Ann Roth 3-2621
Director of Learning & Professional Development

Rick Holt 3-4576

Robyn Madar 3-4180
Trainer/Program Manager

Bridget Peabody 3-6764
Training Assistant