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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Submitting Your Time

What happens if I miss the submission deadline?

Should you miss the submittal deadline, please alert your timesheet approver. Depending upon the circumstances, your timesheet approver will either call Payroll to have the timesheet submitted on your behalf or your approver will submit it for you and then complete the approval process for your timesheet.

When would I use a paper timesheet?

Timesheets can be a complicated topic. As you know, timesheets are electronically submitted via Paper timesheets are to be used to amend a timesheet that has already been submitted via Patriotweb.

If someone puts in hours for a type of leave time that is not available, what is the specific order in which the leaves cascade?

If someone puts in "Annual leave" when that type of leave is not available, Banner will search for bonus leave - recognition leave - retention leave - overtime leave - compensatory time and then leave without pay. The order stays the same no matter where you begin. In other words, if an employee put in for compensatory leave and they have none, it will look for bonus leave, etc. Annual leave is always the last paid leave option before leave without pay. Banner will never substitute sick leave for any of these.

How can an employee choose overtime leave or overtime pay?

FLSA requires the default to be overtime pay. Overtime leave may be granted in lieu of overtime pay when an employee completes the Overtime Leave Employee Agreement. Open enrollment for how overtime is handled occurs once be year in late summer. All non-exempt employees (i.e. overtime eligible) have the option of being paid for their overtime (which is the default) or to accumulate their overtime as leave. An election commits the employee to their choice for one year until the next open enrollment period. This means that if the non-exempt employee elects leave accumulation he or she will receive leave and not pay for any overtime worked during the next academic year.

When is my time sheet due, and how do I know that?

You will receive e-mail reminders prior to the submission deadline. The due dates are shown on the electronic page of your time sheet where you record hours. A calendar is also available on the Human Resources and Payroll web site.

Do I have to put holiday hours on my time sheet?

No, unless you work the holiday as a nonexempt employee or take an alternate day as your holiday.

Approving Time

How do I know there are timesheets that require an approval?

All identified approvers will receive email reminders prior to the approval deadline. When you log into Patriotweb’s timesheet area, you will see that you have three options. The third option is to view/approve timesheets. Clicking on that circle will bring you to a screen showing the status of the timesheets: those "NOT STARTED," "IN PROGRESS" (started, but not submitted) and "PENDING" (awaiting your approval).

What does it mean if I am an approver, but when I click on "Timesheet" I don't see the option to approve time?

If you do not see this option, it means that no one who reports to you has opened his or her timesheet for the period.

a) If you have employees that earn overtime, this is a problem. These employees should be entering time on a daily basis or after each time worked.

b) If you have only exception level employees (i.e. they are exempt from overtime and only need to record any leave taken during the pay period), you do not need to be concerned. The option to approve timesheets for these employees should be available to you once any of your employees opens their timesheet. All these employees should record exception hours as they occur, but if there are no exception hours, they should submit their timesheet at the end of the pay period prior to the submission deadline.

What if I am not available to log on and approve my employee's timesheets?

In the event that you cannot log on and approve timesheets submitted to you, notify your proxy and have him/her log on and take action. Directions for creating a proxy.

What if I am unable to log on to approve my employees' timesheets?

If a technical problem occurs and you are unable to access the timesheets, call the IT Computer help desk (993-8870).

Why do I see employees in NOT STARTED status that I do not approve or supervise?

Each pay period employees from the same ORGANIZATION begin in the same queue. Once these employees enter their timesheets, the system sends the timesheet to its proper approver. Then it appears in the IN PROGRESS status only for the proper approver.

Do I need to look at each employee's timesheet individually?

You should look at individual timesheets, and then approve them as a group. It is always a good audit function for the supervisor to double check the hours listed against the schedule to make sure that no mistakes have been made and to confirm that employees are getting advance permission for working hours beyond their regular schedule.

On paper there was a way to scan through each person's hours. Is there an equivalent way to do this electronically?

You can see each timesheet. Simply click onto the person's name to see the timesheet summary. Click on the "next" button to go from one page of the timesheet to the next.

What happens if I encounter an error on a timesheet?

The best approach if you encounter an error, or a suspected error, is to contact the person and verify that it is an error. After confirming the error, you should make necessary changes and enter a comment that notates any changes you made. Then you can approve the timesheet.

How do I know if an employee is eligible for overtime?

Exempt-level employees are, by definition, not eligible to earn overtime. Exempt classified staff, administrative faculty, and 12-month faculty are all "exempt" from overtime provisions of the FLSA. These employees only record exceptions to their normal schedules.

Non-exempt and wage employees are eligible to earn overtime. They will have a line on their timesheet to record actual hours worked. This allows them to record the exact number of hours they worked on the actual day they worked them.

Why do I see timesheets for some, but not all of the employees I approve/supervise?

Generally, there are two reasons for this situation:

a) If the employees who are missing are in a different ORGANIZATION from the employees that you do see, it means that no one who reports to you from within the missing ORGANIZATION has entered his or her timesheet. If these employees are eligible to earn overtime, this is a problem since these employees should be entering time on a daily basis after each shift.

b) You may approve timesheets that follow different schedules. Employees are paid on one of two schedules: bi-weekly (26) and semi-monthly (SM). Wage timesheets follow the bi-weekly schedule and are notated with a (26) next to the timesheet period. Most salaried timesheets (classified, administrative faculty, and 12-month faculty) follow the semi-monthly schedule and are notated with a SM next to the timesheet pay period. Be sure to choose the appropriate timesheet from the drop down menu when reviewing/approving time.

On approval days, is there a best time to review the timesheets?

We recommend that you review the timesheets early in the day so that you can follow up with anyone who has not submitted and follow up on any discrepancies. Timesheets can be approved anytime after they are submitted to you.

I have employees reporting time to me from more than one department. How do I switch between organizations?

Simply click on "Organization" to select the one on which you want to work.

What is the purpose of the "Comments" box?

The comments box is available to assist you in recording information about timesheet submissions or to notate changes you might make to a submitted timesheet.

How can I tell if an employee is recording his or her hours throughout the pay period?

When an employee logs on to the timesheet, the timesheet's status is changed to "IN PROGRESS." Once an employee takes this action, the approver can inspect the timesheet throughout the period.

When I review the timesheets for my organization, I notice that some are in different statuses. What do the different statuses indicate?

Once employees have opened their timesheets you can look at timesheets "by status." Pending means they have been submitted to you pending your approval. In Progress means that time has been entered, but it has not been completed and/or submitted for approval. Not Started means that the employee has not opened the timesheet yet.

*Note: If employees do not access their timesheets until the end of the period, it will not be unusual for the approver to see nothing at all.

*Note: It will not be unusual for timesheets from exempt (i.e. not eligible for overtime) employees (exempt classified staff, administrative faculty, and 12-month faculty) to maintain their Not Started status until near the end of the pay period as they do not have to record their time on a daily basis. However, you may want to encourage all employees to open their timesheet at the beginning of the pay period to ensure that you can complete and approve their timesheet if someone is out sick or on vacation on the day that submission is due.

As an approver, why is it that sometimes when I click onto "Timesheet" I have the "Approve/Acknowledge" selection and sometimes I don't?

When the "Approve/Acknowledge" selection does not show, it means that no one whom you approve opened their time sheets. As soon as someone does, the option will appear. This will hold true for each organization you approve, so that you may see timesheets for one organization in which someone has started a timesheet, but not for another in which no one has yet started.

I have wage people that only work sporadically when they are needed for projects, so they may not work any hours at all during a certain pay period. How do I handle such a situation?

If no time sheet is submitted for a period, they will not get paid for that period. They will simply complete a time sheet for the periods they DO work.

How can supervisors look at employee leave balances in Banner?

View the PERLEAV report in e-Print.

Can a supervisor look at the time sheet before approval?

Yes, as soon as an employee opens their time sheet for the first time in a pay period it will appear in the supervisor queue as being "in progress".

Can a supervisor go back and look at time sheets from previous periods?

Yes, up to one year of time sheet history will be on the web. Employees can view 6 months of their history.

What does the account distribution button do?

Use this button to view the account that will be charged for this employee's pay and fringe benefits. Normally this will not need to be changed.

How often can I change my proxy?

As often as necessary.

How many proxies can I have?

You may have as many time sheet approver proxies as you need.