Human Resources and Payroll

Time and Attendance



Below are step-by-step instructions for submitting and approving timesheets.

Quick Tips:

  1. Make sure to open your timesheet at the beginning of the pay period.
  2. If you miss the submission deadline, contact your supervisor. If you opened your timesheet, s/he can submit your timesheet and make any necessary changes before approving it.
  3. In order to continue accruing annual leave (if you are eligible), please make sure to submit your time sheet even if you did not take any leave during the current pay period. (This applies to all Classified Exempt Employees, Admin/Professional Faculty, and 12-month Faculty).
  4. As a timesheet Approver, if you need to submit your employee(s) timesheet, and they haven't opened it (status is "Not Started"), please contact Payroll at (703) 99 3-2600.