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Wage Orientation

Welcome aboard! You are a key member of our team supporting the University's important mission of creating an outstanding educational environment for our students. The information that follows will answer some of your questions and get you off to a good start. Of course your supervisor will answer many of your questions, and will also make sure that you have the resources you need.

As a wage employee you are required to comply with the Commonwealth's wage hour limit. All wage employees are limited to working no more than 29 hours per week on average over a twelve month period from May 1, to April 30 each year. This is a total combined hours from all wage positions, including student wage. You are responsible to notify all supervisors if you have multiple positions and complying with in the wage hour limits. Additional information can be found on the ACA FAQ - Wage

Tax Withholding Forms. Print copies of the W-4 and VA-4 forms (or MW507 if you live in Maryland or D-4 if you live in DC), complete, and give to your supervisor.

Wage Welcome Letter

Wage Employment Information Sheet. Print a copy, complete, and give to your supervisor.

Conditions of Employment. Print a copy, sign it, and give it to your supervisor.

Commonwealth Alcohol & Drug Policy. Print a copy, sign it, and give it to your supervisor.

Commonwealth Policy 1.75 "Use of Electronic Communications and Social Media". Review the policy and complete the Certificate of Receipt. Once you complete the Certificate, it will be removed from your view on myMasonHR.

Review your responsibilities as a mandatory reporter of Child Abuse and Neglect.

Selective Service Compliance. Males only should print a copy, sign it, and give it to your supervisor.

Direct Deposit and Update Personal Information. Log onto PatriotWeb and update your information.

Wage employees' checklist. Print off a copy and use it to give yourself an overview of the kinds of information you will need to get started.

Print off a copy of the quick reference guide that shows how to complete your time sheet.

If you make an error, you will need to complete a corrected time sheet.

Non-Student Wage employees may be eligible for tuition waivers after completing 500 hours worked.

You may want to put part of your salary into a tax sheltered annuity. While wage employees are not eligible for the cash-match program, this savings program is a good way to start saving for the future.

For convenience and savings, you may want to use "Mason Money" on campus.

Do you want to leave your car @ home?

Outstanding employees can receive recognition. Check out our award and recognition programs.

You'll receive some of your training in your department, but other training programs are available. For example, training is available from Human Resources, Fiscal Services, and the Instructional Resource Center for computer training.

Policies and resources available for dealing with discrimination and harassment are available from the Office of Equity and Diversity.

The Staff Senate represents employee interests on campus. The Staff Senate Chair would like to share a welcome letter with you.

For information about daily events and campus news, visit e-Files, Today at Mason, and subscribe to Mason News.

For information about other positions available on campus, visit Employment Opportunities on e-Work.