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Accommodations, Adjustments, Modifications (AAM) Process Guidance for Spring 2022

We want to update faculty and staff of the Accommodations, Adjustments, Modifications (AAM) Process as there may be a continued need for an AAM for the spring semester.


Spring 2022 AAMs

ADA will accept new AAMs as needed and as the employee is qualified given the recent changes in directives related to vaccines and possibly masking.  The lifting of the requirement may lead to new needs and, thus, requests.
Individuals seeking an extension from Fall 2021 have run into issues with timely doctor appointments due to the surge, so ADA will continue to work with these employees with their Fall 2021 accommodations remaining in place until otherwise updated or discontinued (we have given 4-6 weeks due to the surge and current pattern of delays with MDs). Managers will be notified.


AAM Options

There are three options:

    1. An AAM for yourself due to a medical condition
    2. An AAM due to the medical condition of your family member, person you live with or for whom you provide care
    3. An AAM for non-medical reasons (i.e. you have a child under the age of vaccine eligibility).


Category I: An AAM due to your medical condition

The university's ADA Coordinator and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office continue their commitment to work with individuals with disabilities and conditions specifically impacted by COVID-19 factors. The AAM process specific to ADA accommodation requests will continue during the spring semester, allowing interim accommodations for those who have a qualifying disability or condition under ADA and who have significant risk factors that align with current CDC guidelines.

Those seeking interim accommodations for spring 2022 must:

    1. Complete an updated AAM form;
    2. Meet with the ADA Coordinator or the Deputy Coordinator; and
    3. Have their treatment provider complete and submit the University's ADA Medical Certification form directly to the ADA office via email or facsimile.

An ADA review will occur and, if accommodations are granted, the accommodations will be documented in an Accommodation Agreement, signed by the employee and their manager/supervisor. If you have questions, please email


Category II: An AAM due to a family/household member’s medical condition

The benefits team in HR & Payroll will continue to handle requests for AAMs due to the medical condition of the employee’s family member, someone they live with, or someone for whom they provide care for the spring 2022 semester.  Medical documentation from the family member’s treating physician must be submitted with the electronic AAM Request Form.

Those seeking interim accommodations under Category II must:

    1. Discuss available work adjustments or modifications with their supervisor;
    2. Submit a telework agreement, if appropriate; and
    3. Submit the AAM Form with:
      • their supervisor’s name and accurate email address;
      • the specific reason for the AAM request to care for a household member/person;
      • the requested workplace adjustment or modification; and
      • medical documentation from the family member’s treating physician.
      • The medical document must include:
        • The detailed information about the underlying condition and/or vulnerability of the member of the employee’s household;
        • The reason that they are at a higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19;
        • The requested workplace adjustment or modification; and
        • The timeframe for the adjustment or modification (example: a specific end date).

The HR Benefits Liaison will contact the supervisor to confirm approved work adjustments after receiving the AAM form and detailed medical documentation.  If you have questions, please email .


Category III: If you need an AAM for non-medical reasons

If you are seeking an AAM for non-medical reasons:

    1. Meet with your unit and/or your supervisor to determine alternate work arrangements and work expectations.
    2. Submit a telework agreement.
    3. Submit the AAM form and
      • Select Category III;
      • Provide your supervisor’s name and accurate email address; and
      • Provide the specific reason for the AAM request for non-medical reasons.