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ADA Accommodation Guidance for Telework

The University is working diligently to assist those employees who are required to submit a telework agreement. This may include those who currently have an Accommodation, Adjustment and Modification (AAM) agreement for Spring 2022 under any of the three categories (I - Medical for Self; II - Medical for Other; or III - Extenuating Circumstance).

AAMs currently in effect for Spring 2022 will conclude on June 30, 2022 across all AAM categories. Recall that this temporary, situation-specific process was created in response to the initial and lingering COVID-19 pandemic. At this time, the University is moving toward normalizing operations with the understanding that some effects of the now endemic COVID-19 may require future updates.

The University provides the following guidance should an employee continue to need assistance:

AAM Category I Only

AAM Category II or III