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Annual End-of-Fiscal Year Technical Message

To prepare you for the end-of-fiscal year, we want to share some important information that may impact your work for the next several weeks.

HR & Payroll, Budget, and Fiscal Services need to "roll the fiscal year" in Banner. The end-of-fiscal-year affects when certain events are going to happen and when certain items have to be processed in order to clear the deck to roll the fiscal year.


Important notes:


End-of-Fiscal-Year Dates

  • For Budget and Fiscal purposes, the fiscal year ends on June 30, 2021
  • For Payroll, the fiscal year ends on June 9, 2021


Payroll Schedule and the New Fiscal Year

  • Employees paid on a semi‐monthly basis for the period June 10 to June 24 (pay period SM-12), will be paid on July 1, 2021
  • Employees paid on a bi-weekly basis for the period June 20 to July 3 (pay period 26-14) will be paid on July 9, 2021


EPAF Deadlines

  • EPAFs on the semi-monthly pay schedule for FY21 with an effective date on or before May 25, 2021, must be in the HR queue by close of business on June 4, 2021
  • Semi-monthly EPAFs (AD, GR, GA, RA, MP) that do not reach the HR queue until after the deadline will be returned for correction and must be submitted with FY22 effective dates (6/10 forward)
    • Please update the personnel dates to reflect the time period worked
    • When making an adjustment to the effective date, please ensure that the pays and factors are updated to correlate with the new begin and end dates  
  • After the FY Roll, you can only enter semi-monthly EPAFs for FY22 and future years
    • Payrolls for FY22 start with SM-12 (6/10-6/24)


If you have questions, please contact Catalina Wheat, at or Chris Shepherd, at