Black History Month Diversity Online Job Fair

To help increase the quality and diversity of your applicant pools, Academic Careers is hosting its annual Black History Month Diversity Online Job Fair.

Academic Careers is a global, diversity-driven university job site for faculty and administrative professional jobs in education, ranking in the top 2 percent of education-related job sites. The benefits of participating in the Black History Diversity Online Job Fair include:

  • Increased traffic: Sites like,,, and many others direct applicants to jobs on Academic Careers.
  • Social Media: Your job posting includes features for anyone to share it with others via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • No barriers: There are no fees, memberships, or registrations required for applicants to see your job posting.
  • Your Employer Profile can include your Diversity/Inclusion statement.
  • Review of postings by our experienced Editorial staff ensures the marketability, presentation and clarity of your job posting(s).
  • No deadlines or delays: You can post your job(s) at your own convenience—and once posted, your job listing is immediately visible to applicants.

There is a $295 fee per posting, with additional pricing options available. For more information, visit the Academic Careers website.

Note: Human Resources is committed to diversity, inclusion, and well-being and works closely to support faculty and staff in our mission of furthering diversity and equity across the University. Hiring authorities are encouraged to work with Talent Acquisition to develop a sourcing strategy and identify opportunities for intentional diversity outreach.

For a list of Mason’s diversity and advertising resources, please contact Dwala Toombs at