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Compensatory Leave Reminder

Compensatory Leave Reminder Have you earned compensatory leave? Make sure you’re aware of the compensatory leave limits and expirations: Employees are limited to 96 hours of accrued compensatory leave. Per State Policy 3.10, accrued compensatory leave expires one year from the pay period in which the hours are accrued, regardless of…

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Compressed Schedules and the Holidays

Compressed Schedules and the Holidays If you use the compressed schedule work option, please be aware of the upcoming holiday. For the holiday, full-time employees with compressed schedules receive eight (8) hours of holiday pay and/or compensatory leave per day, depending on the situation, regardless of their compressed schedule hours. There…

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Changes to Timesheet Submission and Approval

HR News Changes to Timesheet Submission and Approval Payroll is now using Banner Communication Manager (BCM) for timesheet reminder emails, giving these emails a new, modern look (sample). The first emails using the new design were sent on November 2 for bi-weekly timesheets and November 8 for semi-monthly timesheets. Additionally,…

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Leave Balance Transfers

HR News Leave Balance Transfers Is your department or unit hiring an employee who is transferring within Mason or the state? Leave transfers are a complex matter when changing jobs within the state or within Mason. When hiring for a new position, please do not assume or agree to leave…

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Timesheet Approver/Supervisor Change Notice

Timesheet Approver/Supervisor Change Notice Please note that Timesheet Approver/Supervisor Change Forms must be submitted when a timesheet approver and/or supervisor separates or changes position number. Effective dates must be at the beginning of a pay period. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the HR Data Management team…

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