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Compensatory Leave Reminder

Have you earned compensatory leave? Make sure you are aware of the compensatory leave limits and expirations:

  • Employees are limited to 96 hours of accrued compensatory leave
  • Per State Policy 3.10, accrued compensatory leave expires one year from the pay period in which the hours are accrued, regardless of the 96-hour limit
  • Compensatory leave may not be used once hours expire or lapse

You can review your leave balance by visiting Patriot Web. If you have questions, please email


NOTE: Compensatory Leave is different than Overtime Leave. Per the VA Overtime Wage Act effective July 1, 2021, employees are no longer eligible to accrue overtime leave when physically working over 40 hours in a week. All Mason employees who previously made that election have been switched to receive cash for their overtime hours.