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As a condition of hire, Mason requires a background investigation for all employees. Employees cannot begin work until the background check has been successfully completed. University background investigations are completed through our vendor, Truescreen, and costs are covered by central funds.

Once an applicant has received a contingent offer, the Human Resources and Payroll office will use the electronic background investigation system to send the finalist an email to provide authorization and any necessary information needed to complete the request (including but not limited to social security number, birth date, past convictions and current/past addresses). Truescreen has an average turnaround time of 1.8 days beginning from their receipt of information. The background check process is outlined below.

Special rules apply to Mason employees working in the Biomedical Research Laboratory, University Police, and for those employees who are involved in Programs, Events, and Camps that include minors (a coordinator form is required for events with minors). Specific information related to these categories are detailed in the policy’s procedures.

Once the investigation is complete, HR and Payroll will review the results. If the background check is completed successfully, the department contact will receive an email notification. If the background investigation results indicate a potential problem or need further review, the individual will be contacted first. Then, if necessary, the hiring manager will be contacted to work with the Employee Relations department to determine the best course of action. In general, less than 3% of background investigation results are cause for concern.

Current employees who are convicted of a crime, except traffic violations, have five (5) business days to inform Human Resources and Payroll.

Additional information can be found in University Policy 2221 or by connecting with Human Resources and Payroll via email at or phone at 703.993.4401.

Background Check Process

Process Exceptions: In such cases, please send the following information to

Once received, we will review our systems to determine if a new background check is needed for the employee/applicant. If other exceptions occur, please contact us to ensure the background check for the employee/applicant is current.


Programs, Events, and Camps with Minors

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