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Mason practices a progressive approach to discipline. The supervisor and the employee should work together to improve unacceptable behavior and performance.

Supervisor information regarding Classified Staff:

Discipline refers to actions taken towards an employee who has exemplified poor work performance or unacceptable conduct in the workplace.

Ongoing conversations and feedback between supervisor and employee throughout an employee's tenure can minimize the need for formal discipline. To this end, coaching by the supervisor or an employee relations specialist can be useful in helping an employee be successful on the job.

Informal Discipline

If coaching is not a viable solution, a supervisor can decide to put a disciplinary action in writing through a counseling session and/or memo:

While the discipline may be documented at this point, it is kept only in the supervisor's file. If conditions do not improve, a supervisor can give an employee notice of substandard performance which includes an improvement plan. This document is necessary if the employee will be receiving an unsatisfactory performance appraisal.

Formal Discipline - retained in employee's personnel file.

Supervisors must provide employees with a due process notification if they plan to take any formal disciplinary action which results in a written notice. A due process meeting with the employee is also required. The due process meeting is the employee's opportunity to present the facts as he/she sees them and to correct any misinformation. It is important to note that discipline is a progressive process. The goal is to be fair, appropriate and consistent, but specific circumstances of each case must be considered to determine the most suitable disciplinary action. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to bypass informal discipline and move directly to formal discipline, e.g., a written notice.

Supervisors must first contact Employee Relations before providing due process notification for a written notice. Please call Employee Relations at 3-3878 or send a confidential e-mail to

There are three levels of written notices depending upon the severity of an offense: Group I, II, or III. Below is a link to an abbreviated version of the Standards of Conduct to aid in decision making regarding discipline:

For supervisor information regarding Administrative, Professional or Instructional Faculty please refer to the respective handbook. Please contact Employee Relations at 3-3878 or for assistance.