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Grievance Procedures

There are many informal methods to resolve workplace issues as referenced on other pages of this site. If those are not successful, there are formal processes available. A grievance is a formal complaint about a workplace issue that has a direct adverse impact on a Mason faculty or staff member. The goal of a grievance is to raise the issue or concern to the attention of the appropriate level of management so the issue can be addressed. Specific grievance procedures are outlined in the various faculty and staff handbooks. More detailed information can be found below. If you are considering filing a grievance, you can contact the Employee Relations Team at 3-3878 / for more specific information and guidance on how to complete the appropriate paperwork.

Administrative Professional, Instructional, and Research Faculty

Please contact the Employee Relations Team at 3-3878 / for faculty grievance procedures. More information is also available in the respective faculty handbooks:

Instructional Faculty
Administrative/Professional Faculty
Research Faculty (Under revision)

Classified Employees

The state grievance process is available to all classified employees that have successfully completed their probationary period. Types of issues that are grieved may include, but are not limited to; formal discipline, termination and performance evaluation ratings.

The grievance process involves review of the complaint by up to three respondents within the employee's management chain. The respondents are different depending upon the employee's department:

The Grievance Process at a glance:

Special circumstances may arise which require that the above process be modified. Please contact the Employee Relations team for a more detailed account of how the grievance process will work in your particular set of circumstances. The complete Grievance Procedure Manual is available in the following link: Grievance Procedure Manual (Dept. of Employment Dispute Resolution)