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Are You in Need of a Little Support?

Sometimes life hands us a rough patch -- a difficult situation involving emotional upheaval, personal or family crisis, illness or a health scare, an accident, or perhaps the death of a loved one or friend.  It's important to remember you don't have to face these challenges alone.  Mason has information and resources to assist you.

Find out more by calling our HR & Payroll Customer Service Center at 703.993.2600 and asking to speak with a member of the Employee Relations Team, sending an email request to, or checking online at Employee Relations.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Salaried employees have the EAP as part of their benefits package.  Your EAP can assist you on a range of life topics including stress, parenting and marital issues, financial or legal challenges, career planning, depression, anxiety, or grief and loss.  They are available 24 hours a day to help you find the resources you need.  With any situation, the first four visits are covered and are at no cost to you.

Whether you have COVA Care, COVA HDHP, COVA HealthAware, or Kaiser Permanente, you have access to an EAP.  Additional information, including 24 hour contact information, is available on the Benefits website.

For assistance with your EAP, please call our HR & Payroll Customer Service Center at 703.993.2600 and ask to speak to a member of our Employee Relations Team.

Employee Relations at Mason

All employees have the benefit of utilizing the resources offered by Employee Relations and should contact a member of the team as a first step to gathering information to address their specific issue.

Our employee relations team is committed to its mission, "To provide confidential assistance to university employees and their supervisors to help identify and resolve work related problems or proactively avoid potential problems."

With this mission in mind, our employee relations team is available as a resource to consult with you on personal and professional issues that may be affecting your job effectiveness, your relationships, or other aspects of your life.  The services offered are confidential and include, but are not limited to:


Working Through Grief  (American Hospice Association)
Grief and Loss (AARP)
The Experience of Grief (Mason HR & Payroll summary)
Death of a Mason Employee (HR & Payroll Benefits)
Death of a Family Member (HR & Payroll Benefits)
Housing Assistance and Food Security


Resources in your role as a faculty or staff member

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides mental health and learning services to students. Faculty and staff can consult with CAPS if they want guidance regarding a student with a mental health concern