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Performance management is a year-round process of defining expectations, maintaining open communication, providing continuous feedback, linking goals to organizational needs, and finally evaluating performance.

Utilizing this year-round process of communication and feedback minimizes any big surprises when written performance evaluations are due. Yearly performance evaluations give the supervisor and employee an opportunity to discuss how well performance expectations set out in the beginning of the performance cycle have been met and what improvements can be made by both the employee and the supervisor to better serve the departmental needs. The performance evaluation process also creates a natural time to set performance goals and expectations for the next year.

Appraisal Cycle and Deadlines

Administrative/Professional Faculty: Annual Cycle from July 1st-June 30th, Evaluation Due date: October 24

Classified Staff: Annual Cycle from October 25th-October 24th, Evaluation Due date: October 24

Wage Employees: There is no formal evaluation form or process, but supervisors are encouraged to give continuous performance feedback throughout the year.

Performance Evaluation Process Guidance

For supervisors, the evaluation process includes several steps and can be daunting especially for first-time supervisors. Not to fret...guidance is available every step of the way.

Powerpoint Icon Powerpoint: Performance Management

Performance Feedback tips throughout the year

Importance of Documentation

Completing the Evaluation Form

The meeting

Finalizing the Evaluation

The Role of the Reviewer

The reviewer is normally the supervisor of the person performing the evaluation. In some departments, there may be one reviewer for the entire department.

Handling Evaluation Appeals

Performance Evaluation Forms
See Performance Management Section

Employee Role

Employees are encouraged to seek assistance with performance and clarify their responsibilities through ongoing conversations with supervisors. Employees are also encouraged to do a self-evaluation which helps them assess strengths and weaknesses. They should actively participate in their performance appraisal discussions and provide feedback to supervisors about their performance.

Employee Forms:

Self Assessment Form

For more information about performance and goals or for assistance in preparing for and addressing performance concerns, contact the Employee Relations Team at 3-3878 or