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Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

All health plans offered to state employees and their dependents have employee assistance programs (EAPs). Included are up to four sessions at no charge for such services as mental health, alcohol or drug abuse assessment, child or elder care, grief counseling and legal or financial services. EAP counselors are available to assist employees with problems related to:
Alcohol Drugs Family
Health Legal Financial
Housing Mental Health Child Care
Elder Care Grief Spousal/Child/Parent Abuse
Workplace Career Planning Retirement

In general, care must be authorized in advance. You or your eligible dependent will speak to an EAP specialist who will assess your problem and coordinate assistance. Should your problem require mental health or substance abuse care, you will be referred to a provider, under your mental health and substance abuse benefit. Your EAP specialist or care manager will arrange a referral according to your specific needs.

Contact your plan's Member Services department for more information or watch this short video that describes their services.

COVA Care Statewide Plans -- Anthem Employee Assistance Program

COVA HealthAware

Kaiser Permanente Regional Plan -- Kaiser Foundation Health Plans of the Mid-Atlantic States Employee Assistance Program:


Housing Assistance

Below are resources for housing assistance:


Food Security

Below are resources to aid food security:

*Fairfax County Coordinated Services is a helpful resource to begin exploring housing and food security options in the area. They can also be a referral for shelters and pantries that require it. You can contact Fairfax County Coordinated Services at (703) 222-0880.


Social Services

Includes TANF (Temp. Assistance to Needy Families), Food Stamps & Medicaid

Religious Accomodations

Requests for religious accommodations should be directed to Human Resources and Payroll at:

Questions may also be referred to Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics at:


Life/Work Programs are designed to improve balance between work and personal life. The state offers a number of Life/Work programs to state employees. Mason also offers life/work programming and resources.