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Faculty/Staff Engagement Summer Workshop Opportunities

Faculty and staff engagement is an endeavor that requires daily focus and dedicated time to developing connection, appreciation, and trust. To determine the areas in which would be best suited to focus your engagement efforts, HR's Faculty and Staff Engagement Team encourages you to access the 2022 Faculty and Staff Experience Survey results in the Gallup Access portal. This summer is a great time to assess your team's data and determine where to focus engagement efforts on during the 2023-2024 academic year. 

To support these efforts, the Faculty and Staff Engagement Team offers several engagement workshops. Sessions can be scheduled based on unit needs and can be offered in either an in-person or virtual platform. Available topics include:

  • Workplace Appreciation 
  • Engagement in Action: Strategies for Supervisors 
  • Engagement in Action: Non-Supervisor Contributions 

Visit our Training page for details and registration information. To schedule a Gallup Access tutorial, a review of your team's data, or a personalized session for your unit, please email the Faculty and Staff Engagement Team at