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Flexible Work Agreement Guidance for Spring 2022

As Mason plans for the spring semester, the health and safety of the entire community remains a priority. We want to provide guidance around flexible work agreements for the spring 2022 semester.


Three Month Check-Ins Required for Employees Utilizing Flexible Work

As a reminder, University Policy 2202 requires telework agreements be reviewed after three (3) months. Supervisors and employees should set up a check-in meeting to review if the needs of the department and customer service requirements are being met and to discuss if the arrangement continues, requires updates or changes, or is ended. You may find these questions helpful in preparing for your meeting.

If you are using the Flexible Work Agreement Form in MasonLEAPS, you will receive (or may have already received) an automated reminder approximately three months after the agreement was launched. First the manager, then the employee, will need to log in to MasonLEAPS to complete their portion of the three-month check-in process.

If you are full-time teleworking (working remotely) from outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia and used the Dynamic Form, you will not receive an automated reminder. You and your supervisor should still meet and check-in, but there is not a formal sign-off as part of the MasonLEAPS form. If you agree to end or amend the agreement, please email

Upon completion of a positive three (3) month review, the agreement will then be in effect for up to an additional twelve (12) months or the stated end date, whichever occurs first.  After that date, a new agreement will need to be submitted.


Submitting a New Telework Agreement

Please be aware that newly hired employees, employees switching to a different type of flexible work, and employees whose original agreements have an end date during the fall 2021 semester may need to complete a new telework agreement for the spring 2022 semester.

Based on University Policy 2202 all administrative and professional (a/p) faculty, classified staff, and non-student wage employees must have a current telework form on file if they are utilizing flexible work options. This flexible work decision tree can be used to check if a telework agreement is required and what form applies to your situation.

Instructional, research, and adjunct faculty only need to fill out a telework form if they are full-time teleworking (working remotely) from out-of-state. Supervisors or department heads should launch and fill out the Full-Time Teleworker/ Remote Work Request Form (for remote workers outside of VA or outside of the U.S.) for the employee.


Please email if you have questions on flexible work.