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Frequently Asked Questions - Civil and Work-Related Leave

Classified Employees
Classified employees are provided with non-accrued paid leave when attending or participating in a number of civic and work-related activities. Civil and Work-Related Leave is used:

Civic Reasons:

Please note:  Please provide a copy of the related documents to HR & Payroll, MS 3C3.


Civil and Work-Related Leave is not granted for use by an employee:

Work-Related Reasons:

Employees should request use of Civil and Work-Related Leave as far ahead of time as possible. Employees may charge to Civil and Work-Related Leave only the time away from work that is necessary to perform the appropriate duties plus reasonable travel time.

Documentation Required



If you are eligible for compensation/reimbursement for service (e.g. jury duty, Officer of Election), you may accept the payments below under certain conditions only:


If you do not submit your payment within 2 weeks, the absence will be charged to VSDP family and personal, compensatory leave, overtime leave, or annual leave.  If no eligible leave balance is available, it will be charged to leave without pay.




Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) Policy


Additional details regarding Civil and Work-Related Leave can be found at


Full-time faculty may take administrative leave with full pay for jury service, appearance in court as a witness under subpoena, and as an Officer of Election. This policy does not apply during the summer to 9-month faculty who are not teaching in the summer session.