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Frequently Asked Questions - School Assistance & Volunteer Service Leave
(formerly Community Service Leave)

For the complete policy, please see the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) School Assistance & Volunteer Service Leave policy document. A summary Mason flyer is also available.



Full-time classified employees and administrative/professional faculty receive sixteen hours of paid leave per calendar year (pro-rated for part-time) to provide volunteer services through eligible non-profit organizations within or outside their communities. Such service may be provided as a member of a service organization or through authorized school assistance.

Volunteer opportunities include:

School Assistance includes:

Employees must receive approval from their supervisors prior to using volunteer leave. This leave is recorded in the same manner as other types of leave. If the employee uses more than the allotted 16 hours of leave for this purpose, the next appropriate type of leave will be charged, i.e. annual leave, compensatory leave, etc.

This leave is not carried over from year to year and there is no payout for unused volunteer leave upon separation. The Commonwealth of Virginia has specifically tailored this leave for classified employees and Mason has extended it to Administrative and Professional faculty. Instructional and research faculty are not eligible for this particular leave benefit.


The Code of Virginia increases from 16 to 24 the number of hours of paid leave in any leave year (in addition to other paid leave) that may be allowed to state employees to serve with a volunteer fire department and rescue squad or auxiliary unit thereof. Note: This time is not in addition to the 16 hours of paid volunteer service leave to provide other volunteer services or school assistance.