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Frequently Asked Questions - Name and Address Changes

Employees - Notify Human Resources/Payroll
Notifying Human Resources of a name or address change affects the Human Resources/Payroll database which houses employment and payroll information, and the State database in Richmond which houses health insurance information for full-time employees. There is a standard HR/Payroll form which you may download and print, or request from Human Resources at 993-2600. If you are changing your name, you must use this form and submit a copy of your new social security card or official name change document issued by the courts. For an address change, please make the change on-line at PatriotWeb (directions below) or by completing the Address Change Form and sending it to us at MSN 3C3.


Name Change

Address Change (two choices)

Name/Address Change for State Health Benefits


Employees - Notify Payroll If Moving From Area
Remember to notify Payroll if you move from the area any time within the calendar year that you end employment. This will enable the Payroll Office to send your W-2 Form to the correct address the following January. You may change your address on-line at PatriotWeb. If you have any questions, please contact the HR & Payroll office at (703) 993-2600.

Notify Retirement Companies


Companies who administer retirement plans (VRS or ORP), or tax deferred annuity plans (TSAs), must be notified separately. Refer to the HR/Benefits page to find web links and/or addresses for these companies.


Students - Notify Registrar's Office
Students, including employees taking classes, must also change their address online or notify the Registrar's Office.