Guidance on Upcoming Performance Evaluations

As a reminder, the new employee performance evaluation cycle is fast approaching, with the a/p faculty self-evaluation launching February 20 followed by the classified staff self-evaluation on March 1. To help you prepare, HR will be hosting four virtual sessions of Performance Management Updates for 2023 to provide an overview of the procedure, new forms and revised rating scale: Outstanding, Successful, Developing, and Unsatisfactory. We would also like to remind you to regularly check the Performance Management website for guidance, due dates, resources, training opportunities and frequently asked questions

Two significant changes for this year are a new evaluation format and a new alignment to four ratings for a/p faculty and classified staff: Outstanding, Successful, Developing, and Unsatisfactory. As a reminder, classified staff who receive an overall rating of “outstanding” are required to have an Acknowledgment of Extraordinary Contribution form on file with the HR Performance Management team when the supervisor completes their part of the evaluation. Please note that the performance evaluation forms available online will be identified with a 2023 label once the new forms are published.  

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