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Hiring Proposals and Job Posting Deadlines

'Tis the season to make end-of-year job offers! HR & Payroll requests that hiring proposals and job postings are submitted to HR via eWork by the dates below. We appreciate your assistance to ensure each piece has time to go through the necessary hiring process.


Administrative/Professional (AP) Faculty Hiring Proposals

  • Submit hiring proposals for AP faculty with a start date prior to January 3, 2022, no later than December 3, 2021.
  • Deliver original signed contracts to MSN 3C3 by December 10, 2021.


Classified Staff Hiring Proposals

Submit hiring proposals for classified staff offers, that need to be extended or approved by HR & Payroll, no later than December 9, 2021.


Job Postings (if you would like to have the posting up before holiday break)

  • Due to 2021 hiring surges and vendor delays, job posting requests may require additional time to ensure they receive appropriate marketing and time to source candidates.  Please ensure that enough time has been planned in anticipation of current delays. Due to the unique nature of individual requests, HR & Payroll continues to recommend an additional five business days be added to the planned search process for expected advertising requests.
  • Approved new job posting requests must be submitted to HR & Payroll by December 13, 2021.