Human Resources & Payroll

Human Resources & Payroll Mission Statement:

We are dedicated to providing exemplary customer service and promoting a fair, equitable, ethical and quality working and learning environment for all employees and members of the University community in support of the mission of George Mason University. This is a link to the George Mason Mission. Our programs and practices will attract, retain, and motivate a work force whose diversity and skills contribute to and sustain the University's excellence. We commit to continuously providing the resources needed for employees to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities. We are committed to our customers and the university community and succeed by earning their trust and endeavoring to create a workplace that is caring and collegial.

Human Resources & Payroll Dimensions of Well-Being:

We strive to support the six dimensions of well-being Mason has outlined (adapted from Gallup’s model of well-being)

Six Dimensions of Well-Being