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HR & Payroll is Now Accepting I-9s In Person for All New Hires

HR & Payroll is now accepting I-9s in person for all new hires. Please see the information below for additional guidance:

  • As a reminder, I-9s will need to be completed within three (3) business days of the employee’s start date.
  • If you are hiring an employee that is working out of the area and needs to complete a remote I-9, please contact Debbie Gupta at at least two weeks prior to the hire date, or as soon as possible, to remain in compliance with the completion of their I-9 within three (3) business days of their start date.
  • If the employee will be teleworking in the area (full or part-time), they will not be able to complete their I-9 remotely; they will still need to come in person to complete the I-9 with HR & Payroll or a designated I-9 agent.
  • All international employees will need to meet with the International Tax Office to complete their onboarding by appointment only. An email will be sent with the onboarding packet and instructions on how the employee will make an appointment with the International Tax Office.