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Invest529's New Tuition Track Portfolio

From the Commonwealth of Virginia:

"College costs have increased consistently over the last three decades, leading many families to wonder whether it is possible to save for their children’s futures when the tuition price tag feels like a moving target.

Now Virginia families can save for their child’s future and keep up with rising Tuition costs.

With the NEW Tuition Track Portfolio, offered by Virginia529 as part of Invest529, you can purchase units toward Tuition and other qualified higher education expenses, contract-free and year-round.

For every 100 units purchased, you will receive a value equal to one year of Average Tuition when your student attends college.

Register today to attend a “New Invest529 Option, the Tuition Track Portfolio” webinar where you’ll learn about Virginia529’s exclusive savings option for Virginia residents.

Register for the Tuition Track Portfolio Webinar

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