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Organizational Development and Learning

Featured Training

Mason's Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Office has put together a library of Ted Talks on a variety of subjects. While they're organized by student learning domains, the talks focus on a diverse range of topics and perspectives.


MasonLEAPS connects faculty and staff with LinkedIn Learning's library of thousands of professional development opportunities. Offering virtual workshops and curated learning paths and playlists on a variety of subjects, this is a great resource for learning a new technical tool, deepening leadership competencies, communication and customer service skills, or digging deeper into other areas of interest.

Several Mason departments highlight their training opportunities in MasonLEAPS. Please see the events calendar in MasonLEAPS for the current offerings.

For more information, visit the HR & Payroll MasonLEAPS landing page.


Members of the organizational development and learning team are available to help supervisors set goals and identify training opportunities for their teams or individual team members. Reach out to us at to get started.

Telework Tookits

The toolkits available on offer several suggestions for working effectively in a remote environment. Job aids are available HR & Payroll MasonLEAPS landing page. to help navigate MasonLEAPS and build your professional development library.

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