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Supervisor of a new employee? M. A. S. O. N. I. Z. E.

For additional resources on getting your employees off to a great start, please click on the hyperlinked letters above spelling out M-A-S-O-N-I-Z-E.

M Act as a Mentor; be a resource for your new employees as well as any new employee who asks you a question.

A Be Approachable; encourage new employees to come to you with questions, thoughts, and ideas.

S Share feedback; be sure to let new employees know what is expected of them. Offer constructive advice and be sure to say, "Thank you!" for a job well done.

O Be Organized; ensure that new employees have the tools, training, and information they need to do their job.

N Be Nice. Remember how it feels to be the new person. Show compassion, understanding, and patience. Say, "Hello," to others when walking through the office.

I Remember the 4 "I"s: Integrate the employee into the Mason culture. Invite them to meetings and informal get-togethers. Include them in the day-to-day life of your department. Introduce them to key members of the community.

Z Show new employees the Mason Zone -- the fun, creative, eclectic side of life at Mason. Clue them in on where to get the 411 on Mason including the HR & Payroll website, newsdesk.gmu.edu, Today@Mason, Around Mason, and IV Fourth Estate. Encourage them to get involved!

E Explain to the new employee what his/her role is within the department and at the university and why what he/she does matters to both.

When you M-A-S-O-N-I-Z-E new employees, you create a positive experience for them during their first weeks at Mason. A combination of care, concern, inclusion, respect, and feedback engages the new employee and reinforces their decision to join the Mason community. M-A-S-O-N-I-Z-E-D employees have all the tools they need to get off to a great start to a fulfilling career at Mason.