HR & Payroll News

Leave Roll Over Date on Jan. 9

As a reminder, the annual leave roll happens every year on January 9 for all leave eligible staff and faculty.

  • For those paid on a bi-weekly pay schedule: the new leave allotments will become visible in Patriot Web earlier than January 9. Due to this overlap, bi-weekly employees need to be cautious when using leave between Jan 2 and January 9, 2022. Those days belong to the prior benefit year, so the new leave balances cannot be used on those days. Payroll will be making manual leave/pay adjustments for those who incorrectly submit leave and have already exhausted their prior-year balances. VRS participants should know the available VSDP balances in December before they take time off in January so overpayments can be avoided.
  • For 12-month faculty, please refer to the announcement from July 30, 2021, for additional information.